Mushroom Kingdom – Boo boo

I made a boo booo 🙁 It took me couple days to sort it out. I was not impressed with myself. As I was stitching the grey/blue squares I was dragging the thread from one to the next. What I didn’t account for was the shadow it would leave when you fill the white snow.. As you can see in the image underneath!


So here lies the problem. I took a picture facing light, so you all can see my mistake.


What I needed to do was – to unpick it all and stitch anew. It does look a lot better fixed. But it did drive me up the wall whilst I was unpicking it all. So the boo boo has been fixed 😀 The things we can learn from this is – don’t pull the thread underneath if your base colour is very light, my friends 🙂


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