Starfruit blanket

I have been travelling lately (Yay!). We went to Brugge and it was beautiful, although I couldn’t take my stitching with me, as the frame would be too cumbersome for a three day trip. So I started another project! I had bought the pattern quite some time ago thinking “I will start on this sometime soon”, but alas I didn’t. This trip was the time to start 😀

Here you can see me starting on the train, I was quite pleased about how it came out. The colours are very vibrant and pretty, and the thread is easy to work with. I am using Rico Creative cotton (Aran).


After finishing the first row, I started to think about the colour variations and how they would flow in the big picture. It didn’t look right, so I took it all out and started anew. The best things ever for cutting threads on trips, are nail-clippers 😀 Security doesn’t take them away and they are easy to carry.


Now the colours are right 😀

This is how it looks like at the moment. I do apologise, my camera seems to have cranked up the red colour to amazing heights. I hope that overtime as I add more colours they will even out and the pictures will come out calmer 😀


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