Easter naturally coloured eggs

So this year, as for all other years, I coloured eggs for Easter Sunday. In Latvia it is an annual tradition which is passed from generation to generation.

First  you will need eggs! Then some onion peel, tights, string and things to decorate eggs with (from my experience this can include pasta, rice, all kind of vegetation, string, etc ).

Eggs should be at room temperature to prevent them from breaking.

Eggs with bits for decoration

Put the onion peels in pot with lukewarm water- you don’t want to drop the eggs into boiling water – they tend to crack. Even worse if they have come out of fridge just before.

Onion peel

Decorate the eggs! And by that I mean if you have kids they will enjoy this part. Wrap leaves around eggs, make them wet and stick them into rice, wind them with thread, imagination is your limit here. Once done put them into tights, tie the ends. Here they are all ready to be boiled.

Eggs decorated

Put the eggs into pots and wait. The left one is onion peels, the right one I was experimenting with tea.


As I love hard boiled eggs I boil them for about 20 minutes – the longer you boil the more vibrant the colour will be.

Coming out of pot

Ready to be put into warm water to cool off. This is the best part about colouring eggs – the unwrapping, feels a bit like Christmas. As a child I loved to sit and watch while my mother unwrapped them in front of us.


Unwrapped and cooling… Mmmmm they are going to be so tasty! 😀 As you can see my experiments with tea didn’t come out the way I expected.

More cooling

Close up.


All the pretty ones are posing 😀

Happy colouring to you all, and happy Easter.

Very pretty

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  1. Jemma says:

    I love these so pretty a lovely idea x

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