I am still here

So 2022 is here and I just logged into my blog that has been on backburner for a long time. I am shamed to see that my last post was from 2019. Just letting you all know that I am still here and still kicking.  My work has been taking so much of my time, but my new years resolution is that I need to post more often and I need to spend time finishing all the started and unfinished projects that I have 😀


On another note – I have gotten some pets! two cockatiels – Poppy and Kosh. We bought them as a couple, but now I am about 99% that Poppy also is a boy. She sings more then Kosh, has just started doing heart wings and prances around like she owns the place. Kosh on the other hand has had bad experience with hands and is distrusting of humans. It will take a long time to get him comfy with us. Poppy does like to help me with cross-stitching!


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