Brave – stating!

I have been naughty! Oh so so bad, I have started a new project. Now I have more then my allocated 3 on a go ( please don’t tell my husband 😛 ). As a friend lately told me the crafters never die as long as they have unfinished projects hanging around. It is a very weak excuse, but I will take it. As you might have seen I posted a story that I could not decide which one of DoNa stitch patterns to stitch next. I must admit I have all 10 of them ( there are only 10 Disney princesses ones at the moment ). Short story is – I couldn’t decide so I started a second one. Brave. It does look very colourful and neat.



It has taken me some time to get this far – 2 weeks. but considering I am working 39h a week, cleaning and taking care of my house and husband ( I do need to feed him from time to time ), I am doing great 😀 See you all soon!

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  1. You make me giggle… I’ve got 9 projects on the go if that makes you feel any better lol! That is a great amount of stitching for two weeks and a busy schedule. Awesome work!

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