Blog changes

Blog changes

So about couple weeks ago we started looking into updating the blog’s design to something a bit more modern, and since then have been working on pulling the stories across, fixing problems and tweaking various things:

  • New responsive template (Hueman by AlxMedia with a few style modifications here and there – thanks Alex!)
  • Header background thanks to (an awesome site)
  • Now using a lightbox plugin to display photography at fullscreen resolution.
  • Refreshed all posts with better photography (they should fill your screen unless you have a rather huge monitor!)
  • Made sure that every post now has a Latvian counterpart.
  • Re-wrote that frankly quite terrible about page!

So – as you may have guessed, today was the day that we finished and decided to set it live. The old one looks so dated in comparison now. I hope you all like it. Enjoy! 😀

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