Who’s next?

That basically is the question! When I got my Beauty and the Beast cross stitch pattern, I visited DoNa stitch etsy page – it is a marvellous and dangerous place, my friends! The patterns are amazing and you want to buy all of them. So I got multi-deal and bought all Disney princess patterns that are out at the moment. Now I have a bit of dilemma – which one to tackle next!

I am at the point where I will close my eyes and point somewhere and then just decide that way. Help? They are all so pretty!

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4 Responses

  1. I would love to see the one with the castle and the roses along the the top being stitched! I think it’s the Sleeping Beauty one?! Go for the one that is speaking to you the most though! 😀

  2. Gabriel Ribeiro - Gabú Brazilian Male Sistcher says:

    I love DoNa Stitch, realy, I’m crazy for her!
    I’m finishing now “Brave – Merida” and thinking in start Aladdin!

    • eponases says:

      I love them too. 🙂 I may have gotten the Alice and the Snow White, they are so addictive to stitch. Have fun with Aladdin!

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