Game of Mushroom Kingdoms – Third row :)

My life has been hectic! I have a full time job, have had to do a lot of training, and on top of that, Pokemon Go just came out… So that means lots and lots of walking 😀 It made me pull out my Pokemon cross stitch and look at it once more. So I was sitting in an empty room this morning going through my finished pieces and decided that I need to start to frame them. There are so many and I am lazy – I fully admit to it. Lazy about posting on blog and lazy with framing. My main goal coming home from work is to stitch. So If I can get my inner strength up, then there will be a lot more posts (promises again).

The main thing I am always worried tho’ is that – if I post every week… I will run out of content to show you. At the moment that is not a problem, because I have a lot of stuff to show, but in about half a year, I wouldn’t, so what about then? These thoughts are troubling 🙁

Enough of rambling! The third row I finished some time ago, but I will show them in chronological order:


I do love the little Weirwood tree, and some green Goombas have joined the party. These ones are happy with smiley faces compared with the ones in North with sad ones. I guess no one likes to be left behind the wall 😀

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  1. Kirsty says:

    Yay I’ve been so looking forward to seeing more of this!! I love it!! Xxx

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