My new frame

I have started a new project. The frame that I had, and thought was ok, was actually really bad – it wobbled, spun and I couldn’t tighten it no mater how hard I tried. So I had been browsing web for different frames, but all that I could find were clones of the one I have, which were no good. The answer came from Ebay in the form of a second-hand frame. Behold my new frame:


So it looks like this frame has had plenty of use. The fabric is a bit stretched, but the tightening mechanism is amazing – I hadn’t seen anything like that before, and I love it 😀

All assembled:


In comparison with the wobbly frame:


And all finished and transferred. As a bonus, you can also see the frame/contraption that I use to help me take consistent photos for use in my stop-motion videos:




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4 Responses

  1. Aline says:

    I have been looking for a frame for a while now, because I wish to make bigger projects and a hoop won’t do. But I haven’t been able to find any like yours, only the pvc ones, and I don’t trust these because they tend to let the fabric slip. What ebay vendor did you get this from? Do you know/think they might have another one? Thanks 😉

    • eponases says:

      I think that the frame in this article is very old. I got the impression that they were selling off a relative’s belongings. This is the only frame like this that I have seen.

      However, I have a couple of other wooden frames, which are also fairly good, and should definitely be better than a pvc frame. I bought those from sewandsew:

      Have fun and keep stitching 😀

  2. Aline says:

    Are my comments being posted? It doesn’t show here o.o

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