Oriental Sunset – marvelling about textures!

Hi everyone! I have been discovering new and exciting marvels of textures! As I have been stitching my Geisha girl some of the stitches are full (2 strands) and some single (1 strand) I found the contours of the stitches inspiring! Here you can see the close up of the shoulder that I have finished. All of the dark grey consists of a single strand, as does the dark red on the far right whereas all of the other crosses are two strand. Hopefully you can see the difference 😀


I am so tempted to look for a piece with more uncommon sewing bits for my next project. Maybe French knots or metal threads, or beads! 😀 Of course, the piece will need to “speak” with me first. Now with all my ramblings out of the way – here is Sunset girl as it is now. Next time we will see each other when I will have finished this piece 😛


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