Team Fortress 2 soldier – cross-stitch completed!

Hi all. I am in Latvia again and I decided to cross stitch something from Team Fortress 2, as my husband plays it so much :) His favorite character – Soldier

I think it came out okayish. I am not really satisfied with the coat and the background “lines”, but I really don’t know how to make patterns free of this problem. If any of you have any advice to offer to me – I would be very grateful.

 And a photo of the finished work:


2 thoughts on “Team Fortress 2 soldier – cross-stitch completed!

  1. Oooh, I think he looks awesome and possibly in need of a sandwich (haha)~ :D

    Regarding the “lines” … I only use a freebie pattern maker (KG Chart) so the lines are always there for me too. When I stitch the area, however, I make it “confetti” stitches so that the lines are kinda blurred. I also overlap the colors in the confetti stitches (one leg one color, one leg another). My Final Fantasy patterns were made and stitched in this manner.

    I hope it makes sense! It might be easier to do than type it out, haha. :)

  2. After much searching I found this! How can I do a cross stitch of my son’s favorite TF2 character?!?!?! This is amazing!


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