Pokemon first generation – completed

I know it’s been a while, but my husband advised me not to pollute my blog with constant pokemon cross stitch updates :) As usual I have made a video. With each new video I am trying to make it more smooth. It’s not quite there yet but it’s certainly smoother than Evening Fairies was. Anyway, here is the video:

The pattern was designed by Servotron and took me approximately 8 months from start to finish. Here I am with my creation:

Pokemon cross-stich completed

And a close up so you all can enjoy :)

Pokemon cross-stich close-up

PS. I also collected all of my excess thread ends, I will probably use them elsewhere, but for now they make a nice art picture.

Pokemon cross-stich leftover threads

102 thoughts on “Pokemon first generation – completed

  1. Hey! this is amazing I am hoping to do this project once i get a stand. What size count are you using? and where would I get a piece of fabric to fit as i am having trouble! xx

    PS amazing work!

    • I taught myself when I was around 10. My great grandmother was a stitcher, but she passed away before I was born. I had some vague idea what to do looking at her works.

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  6. Amazing work – I can’t imagine the patience one must need to complete a project like that. I am happy when I can sit down for 2-3 hours to re-cable/solder some headphones…. let alone work on something over 8 months.

    That is all.

  7. Well done! I’m in the middle of my epic pokemon stitch, but haven’t been taking as many photos as you :<

    Also, I like the threadends shotglass, very abstract :)

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  9. Just saying you could probably make more of these and sell them for a nice profit. I mean you *KNOW* there’s gonna be people who would be willing to buy one.

    But 8 months of work? Not sure if it was something you continuously did if it was an on and off thing. Still…there’s definitely money to be made from your talent :)
    (That’s a compliment btw. lol)

    • If this was for sale (even if it was something produced in China) I’d buy 2 right now. I think you should seriously consider having duplicates manufactured :) Or do a kickstarter! Even if you don’t, this looks fantastic, great work.

      • Just to let you know if you do try to sell them, I would look into any copyright laws regarding that just to be on the safe side.
        It looks awesome though! :)

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    • I don’t think so.

      I’ve had a few people ask that, but the sheer amount of hours involved in making something like this would quickly put the commission price for something like this sky high even if I set my hourly rate ridiculously low (something which of course I don’t want to do :P)

      Also I’m quite fond of it myself of course :)

      • Expanding on what Steve said in another post, there will be a market for this sort of product. Whether you
        a) Create a handful of these beautiful 8 month prints and sell them on an: (Hours Worked * Hourly Rate) + Materials cost.
        b) Diversify and do smaller versions perhaps creating 1 or 2 a month…
        c) Turn them into prints and sell them yourself from a website.
        d) Don’t exploit the market at all :)

        Great work and best of luck.

        • Sure – plenty of people find certain cross-stitches desirable, and I could do cross-stitch on commission, but the hours required seem to blow it out of the water. Fill in the numbers, something like… 1250 hours * a fairly low hourly wage and you’ll see why it’s not viable. As much as people like the work, no one is going to want to lay out that sort of money on one.

          Smaller versions are nice but lack the wow factor of the large one and still have the fairly high time/cost implications.

          And as for prints… well – that’d be inviting trouble. Apart from the pattern not being made by me, selling prints of pokemon would probably be frowned upon by Nintendo and they’d come and hit me (whereas the other work would just be “commissioning Epo to do a cross-stitch of something” which would be ok I think if it were actually viable in terms of price).

  11. So awesome! I’ve always liked Servotron’s stitches. I’m very impressed that you were able to do this in 8 months. Congratulations. What’s next? Zelda stained glasses?

    I’m doing a large Wizard of Oz one that I bought from Heaven and Earth designs on 25 count aida a couple years ago, and even if I was able to finish one 8.5×11 page of the chart in a month it would still take me about 2 years.

    • Zelda sounds like a good idea – something a little bit smaller this time!

      I’ve got another small project I’m going to look into before I do another cross-stitch. I also need to sort frames for a few recent projects too, so that’s to do as well :)

  12. I just saw the final image of you stitching, because someone retweeted it, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. It further impresses me that it only took you 8 months to complete it. I did something half that size a while back it took almost a year. I bow to your skill.

  13. Directed here from Thinkgeek on Facebook. I’m a stitcher too, and I am in absolute AWE. 8 months and on Aida?!?! I bow to your skillz!! (and I adore Sprite Stitches :D )

  14. That is absolutely amazing. My Mum is a cross-stitcher and I remember watching her do it when I was a child and this just reminds me of how amazing it is (though now totally cool as well as amazing!)

  15. I must say that I find your art incredible! Your cross-stitched creations remind me of a pop/folkart version of a Jackson Pollock painting.

    I never thought that cross-stitching could have an Abstract Expressionist feeling to it. But you work shows me that it can.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  22. Absolutely beautiful. I’ve always felt there’s a little magik in the old 8/16/32 bit sprites, but wow do they really pop when done like this.

    I have been looking for a new hobby/craft for my daughter and I to add to our list of quality Father/Daughter time., and I think I’ve found one that is going to blow her mind. She loves Pokemon, and loves anything artistic/crafty, especially when its tiny and cute. Any general tips or suggestions?

    • *Edit
      We will be starting out alot smaller and simpler then this piece to be sure, its Cross Stitching sprites that we will try but not this masterpiece, yet. Gotta have something to build up to.

      • I’m hoping to start my next cross stitch at some point in the not too distant future (I am waiting for threads to arrive, and have some work that I need to get done first).

        When I do start it, I’m hoping to make a video about how I start a cross-stitch (if we can find a suitable camera), so hopefully that’ll be of some interest / use.

        But yes – I think start small and build up is the key! :)

  23. This is amazing. I’m guessing the 3rd picture is of the back, how do you make it so that the front and back look the same? I thread my needle through the back, so that may explain mine not looking like that.

  24. Awesome!! My husband is a big gamer, and I’m a stitcher, so we both loved this!! I just have a quick question — I see that you’ve added 10×10 (?) grids to your projects, and I’m just wondering how you’ve done that. I usually buy kits, and hate that I need to start from the middle because I don’t know how much border they’ve left me — but if I added a grid to the aida, then I could start wherever I wanted! Thanks! (also, thanks for the links to the various stitch sites you use — didn’t know about Golden Kite or this one!)

    • I usually count out 10 cross places and then draw on very lightly with a normal pencil, just so that I can see it, but it doesn’t show through white cross stitch – If I have a piece of pure white to stitch – I erase the lines for that part.

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  27. Muy buen resultado. En esa foto el traonito, pero no tiene punto de comparación con la belleza de la tejedora. ;.-

  28. Ļoti labs rezultāts. Šajā attēlā ir ļoti labs darbs, bet nav punkts salīdzinot ar skaistumu audēja.

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  30. While I’m not a Pokemon fan, my 14yr old niece has been one FOREVER. She would love something like this. Thanks for sharing your charts. I am a stitcher and I think I will start one for her… Or, since she’s started doing needlepoint, I may get her started on one. :) Thanks, again.

    • Hi Suzy,

      Thanks! I am actually hoping to make some cross-stitch tutorials soon and when/if I do I’ll post them on my youtube channel (and probably here too :)

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  33. I’m interested in doing this for myself, could you tell me what size scroll frame you were using? A link to where you got it would be really helpful as well. Good job!

    • My scroll frame is 55cm x 30cm. This frame was given to me as a gift, but if you google for “cross-stitch frame” you should be able to find many similar frames. Just make sure that you don’t get a frame where the canvas clips onto the rollers – the ones where you have to stitch the canvas onto the rollers is much better.

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  36. Hi, I saw this while browsing ‘pokemon cross stitch’ on Google and was absolutely blown away.
    I’d love to accomplish this myself, and I’d just like to know the dimensions of it so I could buy some aida big enough.

    Thanks, and thank you for the amazing work!

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  39. Watching your cross-stitch is so breath-taking! I’m so impressed and as a big fan for Pokemon I’d really like to make one on my own…Could you please tell me where to buy the thread of all the colors needed for this work? Thank you for sharing such an amazing master piece!

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  41. This is beautiful . May I ask what size scroll frame you used. The dimensions please if you don’t mind and the brand ? I am looking to buy one. Thank you :)

  42. Your work is beautiful! Well done.

    I wanted to comment on something off-topic though. You mentioned you don’t want to fill your blog too much after your husband mentioned it.
    That’s exactly the opposite you should be doing. Creating a decent amount of meaningful, natural blog posts is the best way to climb social media, Google and all sorts of rankings in a completely useful way.
    Post away!
    Create comments and attention. You deserve it.

  43. Hi, I’ve just started this and know it’s gonna take ages but I enjoyed looking at your video so I decided to challenge myself xxx

  44. Hi I’m planning on starting this very soon and was wondering if you by any chance can remember how many of each colour you used. I have managed to bargain with a local supplier to ask me half price for the tread but he will only do it once off so want to buy what I can at once

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